2014 Electrical Exam Video Series on DVD
Choose 2017 or 2014   Electrical Code Premium Video Series on DVD by Jim Lewis
Prepare for the Journeyman or Master Electrician Licensing Exam and learn the NEC Calculations
All Electricians want to be licensed Journeyman or Master Electricians.
But it is easy to just keep delaying the day that you must face that difficult exam.
You may have taken the exam and did not pass and just gave up, your confidence was gone.
With this
Premium Ultimate Video series, you will go into the exam with the knowledge of the National Electrical Code
and the exam calculations that is a MUST to pass.
Jim's easy to understand teaching methods using the latest Electrical Exam material available
will give you the confidence and knowledge to attain you goal.
A passing score, and Your Electrical License.
Jim is with you all the way. Just an email away anytime.
Borrowing a Quote from My Friend the late Lee Iacocca "If you can find a better Electrical Video Series BUY IT"
Electrical Education is our Life....Quality Education is our Mission........
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With this Ultimate Video Series
the Spot Light is on YOUR SUCCESS
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2014 Electrical Exam Video Series on DVD
2017 Video Series on DVD
This Limited Edition Ultimate premium video series starts at the beginning with the
exam formats that are covered in detail, starting with how to actually take an exam.
Jim covers many details in this segment that will add points to your score.

This Series Covers:
  • How to pass the Electrical Exam
  • Series and Parallel Resistances
  • Voltage Drop
  • Conductor Ampacity
  • Motor Calculations
  • Conduit and Box fill
  • Household and commercial Cooking equipment demand factors
  • Single Family Dwelling Service calculations General Method and Optional
  • Multifamily Dwelling Service Calculations General Method and Optional Method
  • Commercial Service Demands
  • Optional Method Schools
  • Single Phase Transformer Calculations
  • Three Phase Transformer Calculations
  • 2 -100 Question Final Exams
  • More than 12 hours of classroom study on DVD
  • Plus the Final Exam & Complete Calculation Workbook.
  • Choose 2017 or 2014 National Electrical Code Edition
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discussing Sports, my Hobbies, collections or my travels.
My videos are on the subject material needed and that's what you are paying for
and this series will teach you the knowledge you must obtain to be successful
and become a Licensed Electrician.

You can pay more...much more...
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