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Not all states adopt the same edition of the National Electrical Code. You can find out
which version your area is using by calling your local or state Licensing department.

Licensing Contacts, go to the contacts page.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) - sponsor of the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70.

American National Standards Institute (A.N.S.I.) - coordinates the development of national standards.

Thomson Prometric (Formerly Experior Assessments) - provides trade licenses and certifications for
specific states and counties. Formally known as Experior Assessments or Block and Associates Inc.

The International Code Council ( I.C.C.) - is a service organization made up of the Southern Building
Code Congress International ( S.B.C.C.I.), the International Conference of Building Officials ( I.C.B.O. )
and the Building Officials and Code Administrators ( B.O.C.A.).

PSI Exams (P.S.I.) - develops a range of assessments including: evaluation, placement, licensure and
certification for the workforce.

EC&M Magazine The magazine of electrical design, construction & Maintenance

International Association of Electrical Inspectors The Electrical Inspectors organization

Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. UL

National Electrical Manufactures Association NEMA

Applied Measurement Professionals  AMP   Administers the State of Georgia Exams
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