Hi Jim,

Thank you for helping me pass the GA electrical contractors exam. Your DVDs, study guides, practice tests
and classes were invaluable!
Irene Gleason
Wiregrass Electric

Mr Lewis
I bought your dvd course and counseled several times with you over the phone. Thanks to you I now hold a
Unlimited electrical contractors license in NC, a Florida EC, a Texas EC and a Texas master license.
Thank you for all your help, knowledge and guidance.
Looking forward to actually meeting you in person someday.
Felipe Torres Valentin

Barry & Jim
I would like to thank you for the service that you supply.
After receiving your Bundle prep package I studied for three weeks and passed the
California State Certified exam the first time.
I've been a spark for years in the UK but with your help to navigate the USA code,
it has now opened doors for me in California.
Dean Needham

Jim & Barry
Just wanted to thank you two for your service.
I always learn something new,or am refreshed in an area that i've become rusty in after your two day class.
Jim, us electricians are grateful for your continued interest in our education after all these years in our
occupation. Your obvious talent comes out in your weekend classes, and  it's nice to know someone who's
so passionate about what they do and know.
Like some ministers are called to do what they do: I believe you're call to be an instructor.
See ya again in two years or less. Lord willing.
Craft Electric, Birmingham Alabama USA

Mr. Lewis
I would just like to inform you that I passed my exam and now have my Class 2 unrestricted license. Every
question that was on my exam that I couldn't answer from my 12 years of experience, I could answer as a
result of you DVD video series and Quick Finder Index. I was allowed to use your Quick Finder Index which
was invaluable. I will recommend your products and classes to my peers immediately.
Thank you so much
Dakota Tardy

Mr. Lewis
I ordered your 2014 bundle package and passed the Alabama Journeyman exam with 92 percent
on the first try.
I just wanted to let you know that I will be ordering more of your products as I prepare for the Masters exam.
Thanks for a great product
Brad Johnson

Hi Jim
Just wanted to let you know your 3 phase transformer video was the closest thing to perfection I ever saw
on youtube. As a broadcast engineer I often watch techical video clips on various things, and 3 phase
power distribution always interested me. I have seen other so called instructors aah' and umm' and
mumble their way through these videos, most making sense, but many with the charisma of a tree stump.
You on the other hand are highly knowledgeable in you field and made a fairly complex topic very enjoyable.
I appreciated this 51 minute refresher course!
Thanks and good luck always

Mr. Lewis
I would just like to inform you that I passed my exam and now have my Class 2 unrestricted license. Every
question that was on my exam that I could not answer from my 12 years of experience,
I could answer as a result of you DVD series tutorial.
I was allowed to use your Quick Finder Index which was invaluable.
I will recommend your products to my peers immediately.
Thank you so much
Dakota Tardy

Been attending Jim's class's for over 20 years, with his help, I have passed several state Electrical exams,
and continue to use him for CEUs.
Thanks Jim
Randy Qualls
Qualls Electric Inc

.JIm- I just found out that I passed the Alabama exam with a score of 89. Your study questions for the
technical and the business were right on.
I felt that
I was doing your tests over again so it made things a lot easier.
I seemed to have every business question highlighted already through your prep class.

Thanks again
Tim Hinson
Vice President Corporate Services
Miller Electric

JIm I passed the Florida EC test yesterday. I felt that I did ok on the technical and the Business test.
Your Circular E review was very helpful.
Donnie also passed the Florida Technical and he takes the business next week.

Thank you your help
Tim Hinson
Vice President Corporate Services
Miller Electric

Hi Jim
I was in your Birmingham class on April 20-21 and I just wanted to let you know that not only did I pass the
exam but the other 4 of us who had to pass the exam and get our license to keep our jobs, well we all
passed  and we are still employed.
Thank you for the class, all the info and a job well done.
Ricky Potter

Hey Jim
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help with the electrical exam. I ordered your DVDs with
workbook, and I truly believe that with your video's and consulting with you by phone was the key for my
passing the electrical exam. I definitely will tell everyone that is considering taking the exam that you are the
real deal and better than advertised. Hopefully in a couple of years my Son who wants to follow in my
footsteps will be taking your class and study materials.
Thanks again
Mike Mabrey


I ordered your video seres with workbook for the electrical contractors exam prep, and took the Louisiana
State wide electrical exam. I passed the exam on the first try. The videos were and will be invaluable to my
success in the future. Keep up the good work, you are truly America's Electrical Instructor.

Jim Molinario
President, Omni, Inc.

Hi Jim:

It's Randy from Sparks. I just wanted to provide some positive feedback from the class in Atlanta last
I have just started studying for the exam only a couple of months ago, I was initially thinking that I may be a
little early in attending your class, as I don't plan to take the exam until November. However, after taking the
class I am very glad I made the effort earlier rather than later, as your class was an excellent booster in my
up front efforts to prepare for the exam. Perfect coverage and explanation of class materials.
I certainly appreciated your comments regarding the final hour prior to the test, get a good night sleep, be
prepared for the test, relax, and work your way through it. I say this because in 2008 I received my GA
General Contractors license by examination. I studied for a year, was well prepared, stayed up all night the
night before because of nerves, not cramming. When I sat down in front of the test computer and did exactly
as you recommend, go through the questions, evaluate what's there answer what your can. Well I was
sitting there for all of 5 minutes, viewed some 50 questions with nothing insight that I knew, I had a sudden
need to run to the restroom and get a splash of cold water. I was overwhelmed with sickness, but later
calmed down and went to work on answering questions.

The moral of this story is, you provide very good advice for how to execute the test. I did not have advice
when preparing for my GC test, I had gone it alone.

So, Thumbs Up to Jim Lewis Code Electric Prep,
Excellent class, well rounded with perfect pace for someone just beginning the study proceds, and also a
perfect prerequisite for someone just about to take the exam.

I may see you again in October to refresh prior to the exam

Thanks again Jim


On Friday March 11th I sat for the restricted exam for the State of Georgia. Just last week I received
confirmation that I passed the exam and have since received my license. I truly believe that I would not have
passed the exam had it not been for the excellent instruction given to me in your seminar in Atlanta in
February. My objective now is to petition the board for permission to sit for the unrestricted exam.
Thank you very much for sharing you knowledge on passing the electrical exam.

John A. Lifsey


I took your class for the Georgia State Exam unrestricted in February and wanted to let you know that I
passed the exam and got my license. I also want you to know that the Quick Finder Index I purchased from
you really helped a lot. It's the best out there by far.

Thank you
Frank Ruane

Dear Jim:

I am pleased to tell you that I passed the 2 required tests for Certified Electrical Contractor. Your two
courses helped a great deal in achieving these two milestones. My boss, Jeff Mattell also passed the
same exams and is awaiting Board approval. I am in the process of filling my application out.
I am looking forward to continuing education with you.
Thank you again from you Naples students.

Dan Hamilton


Thanks to your class, I passed the journeyman test with a score of 86% and I will recommend your class to
anybody who is serious about passing.

Thanks again
Jay Stamper
Project Superintendent

Good Morning Jim,

Greeting from an Airfield in Afghanistan. I don't know weather or not you recall me, but I was in one of your
classes in Fort Pierce Florida. I was the Student who had returned from Iraq. Obviously I have moved on to
a new assignment here in Afghanistan.
After having taken your seminar and studied with your CD set, I successfully passed my exam and am
looking forward to the Masters exam. I wanted you to know that I spread the word to the electricians working
here and you will received code book orders from several of us.

Thank you so much for your help.
Paul Foughty

Hello Jim,
I am emailing you about the test results Robert took on August 28th. We just got word that he PASSED!!.
Thank you so much for tutoring him, he needed that and someone to study with before taking the exam. We
are so happy that he passed.
Warm Regards
Nina and Robert Banks

I am pleased to announce that today I was able to confirm that I passed my Journeyman Electrical exam
taken on July 18,2009. The preparation course and your CD's greatly improved my ability and gave me the
confidence to succeed.
I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your assistance.
Thanks again Jim, and I will remember you for any future exams.

Paul D. Foughty
Licensed Journeyman Electrician

Just a note to THANK YOU AGAIN!!! I passed the State of Florida Certified business exam on
Friday.-making me one of the newest State of Florida Electrical Unlimited Contractor!!! I want you to know
that your business test that I received from you put me over the top. I took your test the day before I went in
for the real exam, and there were many question that you had on your test that were on the actual exam.
If I can ever do anything for you, just get in touch, I couldn't have done it without you.
Jack Phillips
State of Florida Unlimited Electrical Contractor Jim:

Wanted to drop you a line to Thank You for your help in my quest to obtain a State of Florida Certified
Electrical Unlimited License. I PASSED!!!. I took your class a couple of months ago, studied your video's -
took the practice exams and from that, I am on my way . THANK YOU, THANK YOU..
I took the county Journeyman's (Pinellas) exam and no problem, I passed that one with 80%. Then I took
the Florida Certified Electrical Contractors exam an passed that one with a 86%.
Again, THANK YOU Jim, I couldn't have done it without you.
Thank You Again
Jack Phillips

Hey Jim,                                                                                                   

Just a quick note to let you know. I took the City of Birmingham Journeyman Test Saturday. Your
Journeyman test that I ordered was the "BEST" I've ever seen. I've been studying others and ran across
your site last week. I wish I had known about you earlier. After I get my results, I may be ordering from you
again. (Although I hope I don't need to. haha)

But I will tell EVERYONE that you are the guy to go to.

Thank you very much!
Carl Manning

Dear Jim:
I wanted to let you know that after ordering your Business Law exam and Master Electrical exam, I took both
tests the following week and scored 92% on the Business Law test and 88% on the Master test. Your
practice exams are right on the mark.
It is great that you have made this service available to the trade.
I thank you very much for your help, I could not have done it without you.
Joe Edmond
Slater Inc.

Dear Jim Lewis
Just a note to say thanks for the instruction at the Birmingham Seminar. Your class was an excellent prep
for the Alabama test. (scored 94).

Thanks again and take care,
Steve Salter
Choice Electric, Inc.

Dear Jim:
I took your class to help prepare for the Electrical Contractors License Test (unrestricted) here in Georgia.
The class was taught by Mr. Jim Lewis on July 8th, 9th and 10th of this year. Just wanted to let you know
that I passed the Masters test the first time through. Jim did an excellent job with the materials and the
class really helped me to pass an extremely tough test. "Thanks" for all the help.

Al Owen

To Jim Lewis:
I would like to offer my thanks to Jim Lewis for the instruction I received at the Code class. I was informed
that I not only passed my journeyman's test on the first time out, I also received the highest score of all the
journeyman applicants. I gained a great deal of knowledge at the class as well as improved my study
habits. Thanks again to Jim Lewis for an excellent program. This is the best resources for anyone
preparing to take their exam.

David Clark

Dear Jim
I really would like to thank you for your help and knowledge. I passed the master test the first time with an
84.5%. Doesn't sound like a high score, but with the news I received the night before the exam it is
amazing......I was informed my only Brother had committed suicide. After contemplating not taking the exam
at all, I went ahead and took it. (I couldn't get a plane out). The only way I passed this test was studying your
material over and over and remembering your test taking instructions at the seminar. I was not there
(mentally) but because the material was the same as the test I really had no problem Passing anyone can
pass the exam with your material. I am a believer.
Again, I want to thank you Jim for the great job you did presenting the material in the seminar.
Jacksonville Florida

I would like to thank you for your class in Birmingham Alabama. I attended the one in August, and passed
the exam with a score of 86%. I had taken the exam 3 months before and only scored 70%.
Just wanted to thank you for the excellent class and study materials. Could not have done it without your

Danny Murphree, RCDD

Dear Jim:
Just took the electrical class from you on October 13 and 14 in Detroit Michigan. Jim, you are an excellent
instructor and you made the class interesting and informative. The class peaked my interest in the
electrical code and how important the code rules are.  I will be much more aware of the dangers improper
installation of the system can cause and why the electrical code rules are so important to follow.

Michael Worswick

To Whom it may Concern:
I just wanted to thank Mr. Jim Lewis for the great job at the seminar I attended back in May. I wanted to let
him know that I did pass my test the first go around, and that His seminar really helped me out. I took the
test back in June, but I just now have had the time to write and tell you how things went. Because of Mr.
Lewis, I am one of the youngest that have this particular license (I'm 27, but 26 when I passed) and I am
the only other one in my Fathers company with the license. I will highly recommend your products to others.
Thanks again for everything.

Luke Bradford
Bradford Electric Company

Student Letters
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