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2017 Video Series on DVD

This video series starts at the beginning with the exam formats covered in detail, starting with how to actually take an
exam. Jim covers many details in this segment that will add points to your score.

This Series Covers:
  • How to pass the test                                                                                
  • Series and Parallel Resistances
  • Voltage Drop
  • Conductor Ampacities
  • Motor Calculations
  • Conduit and Box fill
  • Household and commercial Cooking equipment demand factors
  • Single Family Dwelling Service Calculations
  • Multifamily Dwelling Service Calculations
  • Single Phase Transformer Calculations
  • Three Phase Transformer Calculations
  • 3 - 100 Question Final Exams
  • More than 12 hours of classroom study on DVD Plus the Final Exam......

  • Set of 9 DVD's 2011 NEC     $250.00 Total cost  with No Shipping Charges to Pay!!
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The Audio's on CD and the Pre Exams use the latest Questions Available! Order Now and be Prepared
Business Law Exam (use Reference Manual)
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Money Saving Combo's
Complete 50 question open book Business Law Exam takes you completely through the Reference Manual. Covers
bookkeeping, tax withholding and deposits, lien law, insurance and bonding, estimating and much more.
Complete this exam and know how to prepare for the troublesome Business Law portion of your
licensing exam.
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Electrical Exam Prep Products
Florida Business Law Exam Study Course
Prepare for the Troublesome Business Law Exam on your own schedule
Complete Study Course For The Business Law Exam

  • Licensing Law
  • Financial Management
  • Estimating
  • Project Management
  • Contracts
  • Insurance and Bonding
  • Personnel Regulations
  • Tax Laws Circular E
  • Lien Law
  • 50 Question 2 hour Final Exam

Prepare now for the troublesome Business Law Exam.
Study at your own pace, and no time away from home.

This Complete Course can be
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Money Saving Combo's
Electrical Education is our Life....Quality Education is our Mission........
Electrical Exam Audios 2008 Code
Audio CD's are available based on the  2008 National Electrical Code

Prepare for the Journeyman or Master Exam anytime, anywhere!


Jim Lewis' Audio's from THE NATIONAL ELECTRICAL CODE are a real time saver when preparing for the
Journeyman or Master Electrical Licensing Exam
or studying the NEC.

time is valuable, use it wisely.
Listen and learn the
NEC & Prepare for the Exam anytime, anywhere!

Includes Dozens of Questions and Answers from the Difficult 600, 700 and 800 articles on Fire Alarm, Low
Voltage and Communication Circuits used on all Electrical Exams!

Jim Lewis begins with article 90 of the NEC and takes you completely through the Code, using hundreds of the
very latest available Electrical Exam Questions and Answers.

The complete question with the answer choices and Code reference is given. Then, the question with the correct
answer inserted is repeated to reinforce the subject.

Audio's will be loaded into your computer and save in MP3 or the format of your choice to download to your
MP3 or
player of your choice

Audio's will
be downloaded to your computer. You will receive a link to my servers for the download. You
may load the complete audio series onto your Iphone, Ipod or the player of your choice
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2008 Audio's
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on the 2008 Code
2017 Journeyman Electrical Exam 80 questions with answers and references
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Money Saving Combo's
Complete 80 question open book Journeyman Electrical Licensing Exam with Answers and Code References. This exam
uses the same format and percentage of difficulty that is used by the Testing Companies. Takes you completely through
the NEC front to back.
Includes questions from the difficult l
ow voltage and alarms articles. Complete this exam and know if you are prepared
for your licensing exam.
All New!
2017 Master Electrician 100 question electrical licensing exam with answers
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Money Saving combo's
Complete 100 question open book Master Electrical Licensing Exam with answers and Code references. These exams
use the
same format and percentage of difficulty that is used by the testing companies. Takes you completely through
the NEC front to back.
Includes the difficult
low voltage and alarms articles.
Complete this exam and be prepared for your licensing exam.
All New!
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& Audio's
All Electricians want to be licensed Journeyman or Master Electricians. But it is easy to just keep delaying the day that you must face that difficult
exam. You may have taken the exam and did not pass and just gave up, your confidence was gone.

With this Video and Audio series, you will go into the exam with the confidence, and the  knowledge of the National Electrical Code and the exam
calculations that is a MUST to pass.

Jim's easy to understand teaching methods using the latest material available will give you the confidence and knowledge to attain your
goal. A passing score, and Your Electrical License.
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you must obtain to
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